Hello everyone Been long I posted some artwork here on my website Decided to sculpt Logan, here is the final version. Sculpted in Zbrush Hair and Fur done using Blender Rendered with the very awesome Cycles Render Engine Thanks a lot to everyone who has been supportive to me and making this happen.   Here Read more about Logan[…]

Cosmos Laundromat


Blender Foundation recently released the 10 minute pilot of their latest Open Movie – Cosmos Laundromat aka Project Gooseberry
I want to write this post to stress out on the importance of such movies and why it is important to keep funding such stuff
Being an open movie means you get to download all the production assets which according to me is the perfect way to learn the production pipeline

Iceberg Project

Something that i wanted to do It was for a short film which i wanted to make but could not.. I was looking forward to use blender for the production of this short.. Ultimately gave up for the huge render times that cycles was offering me.. Dumping some of the screenshots and test renders of Read more about Iceberg Project[…]