Blender Foundation recently released the 10 minute pilot of their latest Open Movie – Cosmos Laundromat aka Project Gooseberry
I want to write this post to stress out on the importance of such movies and why it is important to keep funding such stuff
Being an open movie means you get to download all the production assets which according to me is the perfect way to learn the production pipeline

Blender Institute has some of the top notch artists in the industry working on their projects.I have been following gooseberry project right from day 1 of its announcement and its been a wonderful journey going the weeklies every Friday. Its just a whole new experience learning through this process.
Right from concept art to the final colorful tornado simulations I have myself learnt a lot during this whole project.You get to see how characters evolve over a period of time and how they reach a final design for the lead characters.There is soo much stuff to learn while editing the short.The director(Mathieu Auvray) himself has put up a lot of tutorials regarding the editing and the story.

Blender Cloud has been a great experience as well. From storing every weekly data to keeping up to date with the latest blender tutorials every now and then, It has been an awesome initiative by the team.I personally don’t think the subscription cost is that high. Considering the value of the assets on the cloud it seems fairly reasonable to pay just 10$/month. The money is used to pay the devs who contribute to the code.

Blender, the software itself has evolved soo much during the past one year, I hardly see soo much growth in any other paid software 😉
The hair simulations saw a major code rewrite during the whole process and the new hair system rocks!.Apart from the artists got a major viewport upgrade and tons of animation goodies during the whole year.Cycles has seen major speed improvements in the past couple of years.It still is my favourite when it comes to shading,The node based shading system is absolutely flawless and the realtime viewport preview is far better than the other renderers.

I have a strong belief blender can be your own tool for making artworks and can be easily used in production. I guess a lot of people still dont know much about blender(here atleast in India).This is the reason why open movies like Cosmos Laundromat should be supported so that they can make blender even more awesome.I feel proud to have supported the movie financially…I wish someday I get to work with these awesome people 🙂


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