Here is a list of some of my personal favorite stuff from the internet –

My Personal Software Choices

Zbrush – Everyone’s favorite tool I guess. I can spend hours sculpting. This software is pure love.

Blender – One of the finest open source projects on the internet. This tiny software can do wonders, always been a fan. Someday will use it in production too.

Python – Learning coding in school helped me a lot. Python has helped me tackle a lot of problems in production work. Everyone must learn to code.

Xgen – A gift from disney to Autodesk. Soo many bugs but I see it having the potential to be the best tool for hair and fur.

Krita – Open Source once again..Krita has been developing at a super fast speed. Amazing set of brushes and now animation support added too.. Wont call it an alternative to Photoshop but still it works very well for me.

Fabric Engine – From the developers of ICE in Softimage, this tool provides some poweful visual programming. Someday I will master this software. And yes, it runs in all DCCs.

PureRef – Clutter free interface. Perfect image viewer for keeping references on top while sculpting or painting.

Art Related Websites

Artstation – Pretty much the dumping ground for all the artworks from artists around the world.I ususally check it twice or thrice in a day.

ZbrushCentral – Probably the best website for all Zbrush resources. So many hidden gems(Matcaps/Alphas/Brushes) in the forums.You just need to dig in.

Pinterest – Another useful website not just for the bookmarking stuff. But also helps you find a lot of art related stuff.

Blender Related Stuff

Blender Cloud – The ultimate resource for learning blender.Blender Cloud has become the repository for all the open movies Blender Institute has produced in the past. Also, they host a huge collection of tutorials/textures/production ready assets etc

Blender Guru – Probably the most useful source on internet. Ranging from beginner tutorials to professional stuff…This guy has it all.

Gleb Alexendrov – The lighting guru. Does a lot of photoreal stuff.

#b3d – The only thing you need to stay updated with whats happening within the community.

Awesome Talks

Gary Vaynerchuk: Building Personal Brand Within the Social Media Landscape – This guy is awesome..Follow his youtube channel for some epic motivational stuff.

Go with your gut feeling | Magnus Walker – Another awesome Ted Talk about going with your gut feeling.


Epic Soundtracks

Dark Knight Trilogy – Who doesn’t love Hans Zimmer. One of his finest works.

Time | Inception – Some wise guy has put up a 10 hour repeat version of this soundtrack on youtube. God bless him 🙂

Man of Steel – Another masterpiece by Hans Zimmer

Tron Legacy – 🙂


Favorite Bands

Listening to live music has been one of the awesome experiences I have ever had in my life. Witnessed a lot of epic bands staying in Mumbai and Pune. Here are few of my favs –

Indian Ocean – Amazing people…they have been playing live for the past 25 years…over 1000 concerts… probably the oldest live band in India.

Strings – Yet another awesome band. Been lucky enough to witness them live a couple of times in Mumbai.

Junoon – I wish they never broke up. Never heard them live but they are still the favs.

Parvaaz – Named after the last album of Junoon, this Kashmiri band has been making some real eargasmic music. Must listen band.

Noori – Yet another pakistani band in the list. After 3 breakups this band still survived and they rocked the Coke Studio Season 9.